Erectile Dysfunction (ED): How does it Manifest and Why does it Occur!

Erectile Dysfunction – what is it?

Most men who face such an unpleasant problem as erectile dysfunction (ED) don’t know which doctor they should visit to get medical care. First of all, let’s figure out what is hidden under the term “erectile dysfunction”. In a general sense, it’s the body state when the male organ is incapable of sustaining an erection, which is essential for getting sexual excitement. At the same time, a man is able to ejaculate and the very sexual life is quite possible. This disorder often affects men after the age of 40 and the older the men, the higher the risk to have problems with erection. But nowadays, it’s not absolutely unusual that men in the 20s and 30s face sexual debility. To cope with the problem, it’s highly necessary to consult a specialist and get an appropriate medical aid. Self-treatment is extremely unacceptable because it can lead to worsening course or getting unwanted side effects.

ED Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): How does it Manifest and Why does it Occur!In order not to avoid unreasonable visits to the doctor, it is recommended to know the signs of the disease. It’s wrong to mark down every sexual failure as the sigh of ED; it can be just the result of weariness or a certain psychological state.

Specialists recommend to seek medical attention after at least 3 months of regular failures and in the presence of the following signs:

  • Some time is needed to reach a steady erection;
  • A man has a sexual desire but not an erection;
  • Penis is not hard enough;
  • Penis goes limp during the intercourse and before ejaculation;
  • Change in the sense of orgasm.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): How does it Manifest and Why does it Occur!With this background, men may experience the feeling of inferiority, become underconfident and avoid sex. But it’s necessary to understand that avoiding problems is not the solution. If ED isn’t treated, sexual drive can disappear forever. Besides, taking medications like Viagra regularly is also not an option.

Medically Viagra and other PDF-5 inhibitors are not medicinal preparations; they are just supplements that make blood flow into penis possible for sexual intercourse. Moreover, it’s not desirable to take Viagra pills in the presence of some health problems. So, there is a rule: don’t take any med without a doctor’s permission!

Seeds of the Disease

There are many reasons for ED contraction.

They distinguish the following six:

  • Endocrine ones. As a result of foreign tissue lesion, pathogenic disease and other endocrine diseases (thyroid disorders, hypogenitalism, obesity);
  • Pharmaceutical ones. If a patient takes preparations, which influence the sex hormones level;
  • Neurological conditions. Some autoimmune diseases, spinal cord diseases and cerebropathy cause ED (multilocular sclerosis, blood-stroke, myelitis, nerve entrapment);
  • Vessels damage (atherosclerosis, varicose, blood-clotting, vasculitis, etc.);
  • Excessive drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating, taking hormonal supplements;
  • Diseases of the male genital sphere (cicatricial fibrosis, venereal infections, cavernitis, curvature of the penis, scrotum hernia, Peyronie’s disease);
  • Penis injuries (closed wound, fracture, burn);
  • Psychological reasons;
  • Genital mutilation;
  • Physical (short frenulum of prepuce).