I do not want to disappoint my wife can I be sure that Cialis will help me to get an erection?
By all means, Cialis is going to help you. In order for you to make sure you can read reviews on our website that so many happy men left after they managed to satisfy their partners. In order for you to make sure that Cialis will work, you ought to understand precisely how it is working. Usually Cialis gets a lot of blood to your male genitalia and as a result, your erection will sustain for as long as you desire. Try not to mix Cialis with other meds and do not eat food with it. Better consult a doctor in order to make sure that your heart is in a normal state and you are not going to damage it by taking Cialis in your system.

I do not know how to split Cialis pill can you tell me whether or not I can do it?
No, you cannot split Cialis pill because all the ingredients there are put unequally, as a result, you will be able to get a side-effect or on the contrary, you will not have any kind of erection at all, in case you split the pill of this drug.

Can I take Cialis if recently I have recovered from the surgery?
It will be better to consult your private doctor before in taking Cialis, there is a great chance that he will forbid you from doing so. Cialis drops your blood pressure and moves all the blood to your penis, as a result, you will see that having an erection is no hard; this drug will help you to sustain an erection and avoid ED for good.

For how long will Cialis work?
Usually, the erection that is caused by Cialis will be visible for about 3 hours as long as you got sexual stimulation of any kind, but Cialis is going to stay in your body for 36 hours. Remember not to take Cialis with other drugs; it goes for antidepressants, liver medications, stress pills and other meds at all.

When I have taken Cialis, erection did not occur and I was truly disappointed, should I switch to Viagra?
Usually, men decide to try Cialis for at least 8 times before they will switch to some other drug. Time after time, Cialis may not work when you are taking it for the first time in your life. But we want you to know that there is a great chance that Cialis will kick in later. Do not give up on this booster and make sure that you do not eat any kind of nutritious meal before or after Cialis at all. When you are eating a lot then there is a great chance that you will experience no erection. Your body will be totally busy with digesting your meal and therefore erection will be delayed. Do not take this kind of mistakes and take Cialis on the totally empty stomach in order to have the greatest erection of all.

How soon erection will happen after Cialis I need to have sex this evening and I want to take Cialis during lunch, is there any chance that erection will occur on its own during the day?
You can do that because erection will not occur on its own. You will see that Cialis is working and erection is happening only when you are getting some kind of sexual stimulation and you can clearly see that you are going to have sex soon. By the way, try to avoid alcoholic beverages when you will take Cialis because this particular drug cannot be mixed with alcohol. In case you are not careful enough and you will decide to intake Cialis then alcohol will cause various vision disorder and headaches in your body. Be extremely careful and you will see that you will have sex for as long as you want and therefore, you will not have to worry about any kind of side-effects at all.