Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction!

What Doctors should Men Seek Help from?

Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction!Every doctor does say that forehanded care is an essential condition of a fast and effective ED treatment. But first of all, it’s good to decide what specialists to visit:

1. It’s a doctor who is concerned about diagnostics of the genitourinary system diseases and their treatment. He manages such diseases like:

  • Prostatitis,
  • Kidney stone disease,
  • Kidney and urinary bladder impairment,
  • Herpes,
  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • Male infertility.

2. It’s a male doctor who deals with the following diseases:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia,
  • Prostatitis,
  • Male menopause,
  • Male infertility,
  • Testicular Varicose.

3. Sexual health doctor. He analyzes psychological factors of sexual disorders. People consult sexual health doctors in the cases of decreased interest to sex, lack of orgasm, problems with potency and erection.

Depending on the ED etiology, other specialists can be involved in the treatment. For instance, if the erection damaged due to diabetes or obesity, patients are recommended to see a thyroid specialist. In the case when ED is a result of sexually transmitted diseases, a consultation of the STD specialist is needed. If sexual impotence accompanies blood diseases, it’s necessary to consult a vascular surgeon.


Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction!Every doctor who has anything to do with the illness conducts a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s health and decides how to treat the pathology.

They have to:

  • Confirm ED;
  • Determine the extent of the disease;
  • Find out the causes of ED;
  • Find out the co-existing diseases.

Patient intake is the first stage of diagnosis. During the conversation, a specialist has to determine the mental status and general health, clarify the presence of other diseases that can provoke erectile dysfunction. It’s highly necessary to get reliable information about the relationship with the sexual partner, and the ideal option is to conduct a conversation with her, too.

The next stage is clinical research of the patient, which consists of assessing the state of reproductive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. If pathologies are identified, a concomitant consultation of a specialist should be made. A physical examination is one more thing that have to be done: examination of secondary sexual characteristics, external reproductive organs, measurement of pressure and pulse.


Usually, ED treatment consists of:

  • Taking medications;
  • Physiotherapy procedures;
  • Surgical intervention (penile implants);
  • Penile injections;
  • Vacuum erection devises;
  • Taking herbal supplements.Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction!

The most popular method of ED treatment is taking medical preparations (pills, caps, gel, spray, cream) for the increase of the blood flow to the penis. For example, Viagra pills relax the cavernous bodies of male organs and enhance the blood flow that provides a steady erection and longstanding coitus. If it happens that medications don’t bring wanted effect, doctors may recommend intracavernous injections. Before the sexual act, a syringe with a med is injected into the penis for vasodilation that provides a permanent and long-lasting erection.