Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Harmful Influence on Male Health.

Smoking is tightly bound to male potency. No wonder that smoking is called a bad habit; it has a great impact on the whole human body, including male reproductive system. Specialists express deep concern about the nicotine influence on the male sexual health. Urologists associate prostatitis and smoking, noting that addiction to smoking aggravates problems in the purely male sphere of life.

How does smoking affect the potency?

It’s well-known that potency decreases with aging. Besides, there is a host of other factorsSmoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Harmful Influence on Male Health. that harm virile strength. And one of the most significant factors is smoking. If you still doubt it, you should have a close look at the cigarette composition. In fact, they contain more than 60 substances and chemical compounds that have a negative impact on the blood-vessels state. First of all, smoking leads to vessel constriction in pelvic organs. In its turn, it leads to misperfusion and male genitals don’t get a required amount of blood. As a result, men experience:

  • weak erection,
  • rapid ejaculation,
  • partial or full lack of sexual appetite,
  • the decrease in sperm quality.

Impact of Cigarette Composition on Male Health

It’s quite quixotic to believeSmoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Harmful Influence on Male Health. that nicotine is the only harmful element in cigarette composition. There are many toxic agents, which harm not only the very smokers but surrounding people as well.

Heavy smokers try to claim that filter-tips are able to restrain the infiltration of harmful substances into the organism. However, scientists don’t give support to the statement. About only 35-40% of all poisonous substances are caught by filter-tips. The following substances and compounds have an adverse effect on male potency:

  • It harms male reproductive system, endocrine profile, nervous, respiratory, urinoexcretory and cardiovascular systems;
  • Cadmium and lead. These are heavy metals, which have a negative effect on kidneys, decrease calcium level in bone tissue. Also, they lead to angiasthenia, which is a weakness of blood vessels;
  • It causes vomiting and faintness, promotes toxiopathy of the whole organism;
  • It irritates mucous tunics, promotes the development of oncology diseases of air vessel, throat and food pipe;
  • Combination of ethanol, methyl and carbonous oxide. They degrade blood vessels and prevent a required blood flow into penis during sexual intercourse;
  • Radioactive substances, arsenic flowers, formaldehyde, mononitrobenzene. They all have a poisonous effect on the whole body, particularly male reproductive system.

Effect of Smoking Cessation

Every specialist would claim that any method of potency recovery and treatment will be useless if a patient doesn’t give up smoking. This bad habit is so much harmful that even very effective and strong medications can’t recover blood circulation in pelvic organs enough for steady erection. The thing is that nicotine and other poisonous substances have a much more profound effect on the blood-circulatory system than medical preparations. That’s why if a person decides to treat his erectile dysfunction, the first thing he should do is to give up smoking.

Restoration of male potency after smoking cessation depends on the individual characteristics ofSmoking and Erectile Dysfunction: Harmful Influence on Male Health. the patient’s body, his smoking history and the desire to live fully. Potency after quitting smoking will improve significantly. Those who decided to give up smoking are unlikely to assess the results because the body that has become accustomed to nicotine will insistently demand a dose. But after a month, when the body breaks free from nicotine captivity, a man will be able to confirm that smoking cessation and potency are interrelated.

They mark the following beneficial effects:

  • Improvement of erection;
  • Increase of duration of sexual intercourse;
  • Increase of sexual appetite;
  • Improvement of potency and general well-being;
  • Normalization of ejaculation;
  • The increase of orgasm experience.

The knowledge that smoking leads to sexual problems helps to make an informed choice of the most important thing in life – full sensual life or daily smoking. It’s up to you to decide what to choose!